Your security is our top priority
We’re bringing together all our security features to keep you protected.
Some features req. compatible device/service. Other terms and req’s apply.

Protecting you at home, at work, and on the go

Built-in protection with 24/7 proactive network security for wireless and internet at home and at work. Plus in-app security features from custom call controls to managing who’s on your Wi-Fi® networks.

AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Mobile Security

AT&T Smart Home Manager

Built-in protection

Security capabilities come standard with your wireless and internet plans.

10 million fraud calls blocked per day

30K at risk Wi-Fi connections secured per day

1,000+ security-related patents to keep you secure

In-app security features

Frequently asked questions

  • What is AT&T ActiveArmorSM?
    AT&T ActiveArmorSM is the combination of our 24/7 network protection with built-in, patented security technology that proactively detects and prevents threats, plus additional security apps and solutions. Together, these capabilities help safeguard our wireless, fiber, and internet customers’ devices and data.
  • Connecting on the go: How does AT&T ActiveArmorSM protect me and how do I get it?

    We automatically give our wireless customers essential security features including network-based automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam risk alerts—at no extra cost.

    Additionally, wireless customers can download the free AT&T Call Protect app to customize their robocall protection and even create their own personal block list. Securing our customers’ devices and data is just as important—with the free AT&T Mobile Security app wireless customers can enable device security and receive data breach alerts and tips.1

    Customers on our best wireless plans—AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM and Unlimited Elite® get enhanced Caller ID and additional advanced security features of the AT&T Mobile Security app including Identity Monitoring, Safe Browsing, and Public Wi-Fi Protection at no extra charge.2


    1Req’s compatible device/service and download of AT&T Mobile Security and Call Protect apps. Data charges may apply. Other terms and req’s apply. Visit to learn more.

    2Also available for customers on other plans for $3.99/month. For AT&T unlimited plans, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See for more details.

  • Connecting at home and work: How does AT&T ActiveArmorSM protect me and how do I get it?

    AT&T Fiber® and AT&T Internet provide a range of security tools as part of their monthly service. These tools use a combination of device and network capabilities to safeguard internet users, including:

    · All AT&T Fiber plans include AT&T Internet Security, which provides automatic defense from at-risk sites likely to infect your devices with malware and proactive device safety monitoring that blocks suspicious data transmissions even on Wi-Fi.1

    · AT&T Internet: Enjoy anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection as you surf, search and shop online powered by McAfee®  security. Learn More

    · Fiber Internet built for your small business

    · Smart Home Manager app provides a holistic view of devices and activities in the home, as well as parental controls (compatible gateway required).

    · AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway, network firewall and anti-virus solutions help to protect devices from attack.

    1AT&T Fiber subscribers only; guards against known threats only; compatible Gateway and Smart Home Manager app req’d; security features must be enabled; protects devices connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

  • Does AT&T ActiveArmorSM protect me from ALL robocallers, spam calls and text messages?
    Fraudsters are continuously finding new ways to threaten customer data and device security. As a result, 100% prevention is the goal, but not guaranteed. We are dedicated to continually evolving and improving our security efforts to help protect you, and help you protect yourself with our educational resources. Learn more at
  • How do AT&T and the other major carriers differ in terms of security?

    · AT&T automatically blocks fraud calls in the network with AT&T Call Protect—before they ring on your phone or fill your voicemail. No action is required to benefit from this security feature.

    · With the AT&T Call Protect App, customers can customize robocall protection and create their own personal block list. AT&T provides personal block list at no extra charge.

    · AT&T includes Advanced Mobility Security with our best Unlimited wireless rate plans—AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM and Elite®. There’s no extra charge for helping to secure your public Wi-Fi sessions, identity monitoring and more1

    1Also available for customers on other plans for $3.99/month. For AT&T unlimited plans, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See for more details.