AT&T Secure Family®

Peace of mind just got a lot easier®

  • Know where your kids are in real-time 

  • Get arrival and departure alerts 

  • Limit time and manage what they access online

for your first 30 days

Top safety features


Location tracking

Track family member’s devices in real-time on an interactive map, or track their location history on a breadcrumb trail map.

Content filters

Control what they access

Filter or block apps and online content based on age-appropriate settings and set time limits for internet access and app usage.

Usage tracker

Double check their online activities

View your child’s internet and app usage for the last 30 days, and temporarily halt their internet access when it’s time for homework, bed, or dinner.

Location alerts

Set location alerts

Get alerts when your child enters or leaves a saved area, or schedule alerts for additional peace of mind.

SOS alerts

SOS alerts

One press of a button sends an SOS alert to the whole family.

It’s easy to get started

Sign up and download

Enroll in Secure Family and connect up to 30 devices per Secure Family account. 

Set up your family profiles

Add your phone numbers to your Secure Family profile.

View setup guide

Invite your family to the hub

Install and pair the Secure Family companion app on your kids’ devices.