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  • Track your kids' locations in real time, or get arrival/departure alerts.
  • View up to 7 days of location history.
  • Limit or block internet during specified times.
  • Pause your kids' Wi-Fi® access from your phone.

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Install the Secure Family app on up to 2 phones.

Set up your profile

Add your family phone numbers to your Secure Family profile.

Get the companion app

Install the Secure Family companion app on your kids’ phones.

Works with AT&T PREPAIDSM and other carriers
The AT&T Secure Family app can also be used with AT&T PREPAID accounts, as well as Cricket, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to be an AT&T wireless customer to use the AT&T Secure Family App?
    No! The latest version of the Secure Family app now supports users on the following wireless carriers: AT&T postpaid plans, AT&T PREPAIDSM, Cricket wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
  • What types of phones can be monitored by AT&T Secure Family?
    Secure Family can locate and filter content on most Android smartphones running Android 5.0 or above, and iPhones running iOS 10.0 and above.
  • Do I have to install the AT&T Secure Family Companion app?
    Yes. To get all the features of AT&T Secure Family, you need to install and pair the Secure Family Companion app on your children’s phones. If you do not pair your phones with the companion app, you are limited to basic location features and diminished location accuracy.
    AT&T PREPAIDSM customers, and customers of other wireless providers, are required to install and pair the companion app on child devices in order to access any of the Secure Family app features.
  • Can I use AT&T Secure Family app to view text messages and iMessages on my child’s device?
    No. You cannot monitor the content of your children’s messages with AT&T Secure Family.
  • Can I block text and picture messages with AT&T Secure Family?
    Yes. Secure Family has a content filter category called Messaging. You can opt to block all native Android messaging apps, or third-party messaging apps, like WhatsApp or FaceTime. See the full list under the More Info section in the Content Filters > Messaging category.
    AT&T Secure Family cannot block communications from the iMessage app, iPhone’s native messaging system.