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Good news! You may be able to get the Access program from AT&T at:We can’t find the Access program from AT&T available at this address:We're having trouble pinpointing your address.
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Service availability subject to final confirmation during the ordering and installation processes.

We need more information about your service address to complete the search. Please contact an AT&T representative at 855.220.5211. (For help in Spanish, call 855.220.5225.)

If we're not recognizing your address, here are some things you can try:

  • For your street address, don't use a rural route address or a PO box.
  • Be sure your street address is complete and that everything is spelled correctly. Check that any numbers are in the correct order.
  • Include your apartment or unit number if you have one.
  • Check that you're using your complete 5-digit ZIP code and that the numbers are in the correct order.
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If you qualify via income or participation in the National School Lunch or Head Start programs, you can apply online above.

Select SNAP as the qualifying program and provide proof of eligibility for your income or program.

Check your application’s status above with your confirmation number.

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We’ll review your completed application and documents within 3-5 business days and contact you with next steps. Due to increased interest, we are experiencing delays in reviewing applications.