Check Availability

Check below to see if Access is available at your address.

Check service availability

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Good news! You may be able to get the Access program from AT&T at:We can’t find the Access program from AT&T available at this address:We're having trouble pinpointing your address.
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What's next?

Now Apply for Access in Step 2


Service availability subject to final confirmation during the ordering and installation processes.

We need more information about your service address to complete the search. Please contact an AT&T representative at 855.220.5211. (For help in Spanish, call 855.220.5225.)

If we're not recognizing your address, here are some things you can try:

  • For your street address, don't use a rural route address or a PO box.
  • Be sure your street address is complete and that everything is spelled correctly. Check that any numbers are in the correct order.
  • Include your apartment or unit number if you have one.
  • Check that you're using your complete 5-digit ZIP code and that the numbers are in the correct order.
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Processing, please stand by


Once you confirm service availability at your address, apply for Access from AT&T.

Check the status of your application using your confirmation number.

Get Online

We’ll review your completed application and documents within 3-5 business days and contact you with next steps. Due to increased interest, we are experiencing delays in reviewing applications.