The difference is clear

Clear conversations and reduced background noise so you feel like you're right next to each other. Make and receive high-definition voice calls and enjoy:

  • Crisp call quality
  • Less background noise
  • Simultaneous voice and data at 4G LTE speeds

To use AT&T HD Voice, both caller and receiver need an HD Voice capable phone and must be located within HD Voice coverage areas. Not all carriers have interoperability with AT&T HD Voice.

Network and Coverage

AT&T HD Voice uses our all-IP, 4G LTE network. With HD Voice, you can have crystal clear conversations while surfing the Web at 4G LTE speeds.

See AT&T HD Voice capable devices


iPhone® XS

iPhone XS includes HD Voice for crystal-clear conversations and reduced background noise.


HD Voice technology delivers high-quality voice calls across the AT&T 4G LTE network. With HD Voice you’ll experience clearer voice quality and reduced background noise. You can talk in a normal voice and be heard clearly even in noisy environments. Conversations will sound more natural, almost as if the person at the other end of the line is right there next to you. And with HD Voice, you can talk while surfing at 4G LTE speeds. 4G LTE and HD Voice are not available everywhere.

AT&T customers must be on a plan using properly provisioned AT&T HD Voice capable devices. Both callers must be in HD Voice coverage areas. Not all carriers have interoperability with AT&T HD Voice.

With HD Voice you’ll experience crystal-clear audio and reduced background noise.

HD Voice uses wide-band audio technology and noise cancellation. That means voices sound more natural and you’ll hear much less background noise compared to standard voice calls.

Yes. AT&T is working to offer customers crystal clear call quality no matter who they call. The recipient's carrier must offer interoperability with AT&T HD Voice. Not all carriers offer interoperability at this time.

If you or the person you’re talking with travel outside the HD Voice coverage area during an HD Voice call, your call automatically switches to our standard voice service.

There is no additional cost for AT&T HD Voice service.

AT&T HD Voice devices are available nationwide. However, both calling parties must be using HD Voice capable devices and be within HD Voice coverage areas. Not all carriers have interoperability with AT&T HD Voice. See HD Voice-capable devices

You’ll need an HD Voice-capable device to get HD Voice service. HD Voice-capable devices are designed to enhance voice quality and cancel background noise. See HD Voice-capable devices

You can use HD Voice internationally with your AT&T HD Voice phone in limited countries. See countries where HD Voice is available.

As with all smartphones from AT&T, the devices can be used internationally but not all features and services may be available. See for more information.


Yes. Currently, the following features and services are incompatible with HD Voice service: OfficeDirect, and OfficeReach (for business customers). Smartphones sold by other carriers or direct from device manufacturers may not be eligible for AT&T HD Voice.