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  • Mobile messaging and marketing platform. Engage your target audience by text, email and social media. Use a single database and cloud service. Pay one low price starting at $95 per month. Shop bundles


AT&T Messaging Toolkit℠ service is an affordable, easy-to-use mobile messaging solution. Create custom messages across 4 channels, including social media. Powerful communications, marketing, and more, all from a single service. Want more information about mobile marketing solutions? Contact us.

Mobile SMS Marketing

Get business booming with high open rates of mobile message campaigns, engage audiences with mobile coupons, and grow your database with high text-message response rates.

     •  Appointment reminders―Keep your appointment calendar full and your event attendance high. Text reminders directly to mobile phones so that your customers or members remember appointments and important events.
     •  Mobile coupons―Increase website and store traffic by texting instant mobile coupons directly to your customers' phones. Easy for you to track, easy for customers to redeem.

Email Marketing

Build your customer database, deliver email or newsletters, and track delivery and response rates. View open, bounce, clickthrough, and opt-out rate details for each campaign to see where you've succeeded and how you can improve.

     •  Campaign tracker―Optimize your campaigns with detailed reports on email delivery, as well as on open, bounce, clickthrough, and opt-out rates.
     •  Email scheduler―Automate campaign delivery. For instant impact whenever someone new joins your list, set up and send an automated response.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Turn a shared experience and the power of community into traffic using social media marketing campaigns for business.

     •  Facebook® Like gating―Grow your fan base by giving your audience a sneak peek of exclusive content and deals that they can view only after Liking your page.
     •  Facebook signup forms―Add contacts from your online audience to your marketing database. Collect names, email addresses, wireless numbers, and custom data such as product or service preferences.

Voice Broadcast Marketing Campaigns

Grab and hold audience attention using the power of your voice with a personal voice broadcast message.

     •  Schedule voice broadcasts—Automate voice campaigns and schedule voice broadcasts for a specific day and time.
     •  Voice recorder—Keep it simple. Record messages directly through your computer's microphone, or upload a prerecorded audio file.

Marketing Automation

Set the toolkit on autopilot and let it take care of marketing so you can focus on other business.

     •  Automation rules―Automatically send customers a coupon on their birthday.
     •  Automatic triggers―Follow up with additional offers after customers click or open a promotional message from you.

Enterprise Solutions

Create custom data sets for different users, roles, and locations.

     •  Security and control―Control which features, reports, and contact data each staff member, department, or branch can access.
     •  Consistency―Maintain a consistent brand image by creating messaging and campaign templates for different locations and audiences.

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More Information

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All-in-One Messaging & Marketing Solution

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Keep members or customers informed, send critical alerts and reminders, and boost employee efficiency with an all-in-one communication and marketing solution. Engage and effectively target your audience based on their profiles and preferences. Manage campaigns and analyze results. Powerful messaging, marketing, and communications in a single product.

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For Developers

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The AT&T Messaging Toolkit API enables you to add multi-channel messaging to your existing enterprise-grade business software. The API is accessible in HTTP and REST forms.

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HTTP API Documentation
REST API Documentation

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Open the communications product brief.

See the Multi Channel & Automation Plan Pricing product brief for complete details on pricing. .

The product brief includes information about:
    ● Additional rollover credits
    ● Professional services
    ● Additional keywords
    ● Dedicated short-code services
    ● International credits and rates
    ● Credit charges

For information about pricing in Puerto Rico, see Puerto Rico Multi Channel & Automation Plan Pricing