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Stay signed in to

Do you keep having to sign in to, even after you’ve checked Keep me signed in? Learn why this could be happening.


Why your computer may sign you out

If you checked Keep me signed in and you haven't cleared your browser cookies, try these options: 

Make sure that you didn’t sign out of
Selecting Sign Out requires you sign back in with your ID and password the next time you want to visit To make sure this doesn't happen, don't select Sign Out. If you do, make sure you check Keep me signed in the next time you sign in.

The Keep me signed checkbox (located above the Sign In button) is checked.

Disable any software that clears your cookies
Some browser extensions and software programs clear your cookies when you close your browser. When you open your browser the next time, you have to sign in again. Common examples include the CookieCuller extension for Firefox and Webroot Window Washer.
Make sure to disable, uninstall, or modify the advanced settings of these programs to allow cookies from

Make sure you’re only signed in on one computer
Do you sign in on more than one computer? That could cause the problem. For example, you sign in at work and select the Keep me signed in check box. Then, you get home and sign into that same account using another computer. You’re automatically signed out of the session you started at work.

See if someone else is signing in to your email account
Do you share an email account with a family member? Make sure only one person signs in at a time. If you sign in and your family member signs in at the same time, you are automatically signed off.

Find out if another user accesses on your computer
If someone else also has a account and signs in on the same computer, it will override your session. The computer only stores the most recent sign in.

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