Update AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Before running any scans on your computer, make sure that your AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee is up to date.

AT&T AntiVirus Plus automatically updates when a new version comes out if you’re connected to the internet and have an active account. This helps protect your computer from the latest threats.

To update AT&T AntiVirus Plus:
  1. Open AT&T AntiVirus Plus. Just look for the McAfee icon. It appears as an M, a shield, or both. Don’t see the icon? Open your Applications folder (Mac) or Start menu (Windows) and select McAfee.
  2. Choose Update Security. The McAfee Agent Updater window opens, showing the update's progress.
  3. Select Close when the update completes.
Last updated: March 3, 2023

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