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Learn about Yahoo Mail Plus in partnership with AT&T

Get more from AT&T Mail with Yahoo Mail Plus for just $5 per month.


Ad-free email and a whole lot more

AT&T and Yahoo have teamed up to bring you Yahoo Mail Plus – giving you greater control of your inbox. Enjoy AT&T Mail ad-free, plus get advanced productivity and security features.

Get these features on desktop and most mobile devices
FeatureMail Plus ($5 per
AT&T Mail (free)
Ad-free emailYes 
Ad-free, Yahoo sites and apps1Yes 
Domain blocking2Yes 
Disposable email addresses2Yes 
Reply reminders3Yes 
Automatic forwarding4Yes 
Faster desktop email performanceYes 
No account expiration5Yes 
5TB email  storage5Yes 
Use any email address6YesYes
Email organized automaticallyYesYes
One-click, easy unsubscribeYesYes
Attachments and photos in one placeYesYes
Get alerts for key emailsYesYes

Get Yahoo Mail Plus for AT&T

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