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Know who's calling before you answer the phone.

Caller ID and Call Waiting ID for home phone

This article applies to AT&T local home phone service. Don't have traditional phone service? Select Digital phone service or wireless service.

Caller ID shows the name and number of incoming calls. Caller details display between the first few rings on your display device or telephone. This gives you the chance to screen calls before you answer.

Caller ID can store names, numbers, dates, and times of incoming calls based on the storage capacity of your device.

Caller ID helpful hints

  • Some callers block their name and phone number from showing up on Caller ID. You can use Anonymous Call Rejection, where available, to block those calls. When Anonymous Call Blocking is turned on, callers hear a message telling them to hang up, unblock their phone number, and call again.
  • To use Caller ID, you need to use Caller ID-supported equipment. 
  • To change how your name appears on Caller ID, please contact us to update the name on your account.

Caller ID and Call Waiting

If you have Call Waiting, the phone numbers of the waiting calls may not display. Most caller ID units need to detect one ring before displaying a number.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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