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AT&T Repeat Dialing (*66)

Learn how to use Repeat Dialing when you make a call and get a busy signal.


Learn to set up and use Repeat Dialing

When you make a call and get a busy signal, use Repeat Dialing to try the number again for the next 30 minutes. When the line is free, you will hear a special short-short-long ring. You can add this feature to your monthly service or use Repeat Dialing on a pay-per-use basis.

  1. After calling and getting a busy signal, hang up the phone.
  2. Pick the phone back up, and at the dial tone, press *66.
    • If the line is available, the call will go through.
    • If the line is busy, you may hear an announcement and this feature will automatically retry every 60 seconds for the next 30 minutes.
    • When the call goes through, you will hear a special ring back: two short rings and one long ring. When you hear the special ring, pick up your receiver.

If you want to stop Repeat Dialing before the called number is available:
  1. Press *86 at the dial tone.
  2. After the announcement, hang up.

Helpful hints
  • If you pick up the phone after the special ring and get a busy signal, the other person is already on another call.
  • Repeat Dialing works for more than one busy number at a time and signals you when one is free; however, it can't tell you which number it is.
  • You can still make and receive calls while Repeat Dialing is working to access your party.
  • If calls are dialed to a number outside your local calling area, usage or long distance charges may apply.

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