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Learn about Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling allows you to talk to two people in different places at the same time, even if it's long-distance.





Activate or deactivate Three-Way Calling

Note: This article applies to AT&T local home phone service. Don't have traditional phone service? Find information on digital phone service or wireless service.

Three-Way Calling lets you talk to two people at the same time with ease. They may be in different places, even long-distance.

  1. To add someone to a call, quickly press and release the hang-up or flash  button.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Call the person you want to add.
  4. When they pick up, press and release the hang-up or flash button again to complete the three-way connection.
Simply hang up to end both conversations or allow one of the other parties to hang up - resulting in a regular two person call.

Helpful hints
  • You can talk privately with the second person before adding the first caller.
  • You must call the third party that will be added to the existing call; you can't add an incoming call onto an existing call.
  • You can make consecutive calls to different third parties by hanging up for two seconds and waiting for the dial tone.
  • Toll or long distance charges will apply as usual.

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