Check your Rollover Data

Learn how to check your Rollover Data balance. Plus, get details about how you collect and use it.

How to check your Rollover Data

  1. Go to Usage to see how much data you’ve used since your last bill.
  2. Look under the data usage graph and select View details for an in-depth view.

How you collect Rollover Data

On a Mobile Share Plus, Mobile Share Flex, Mobile Share Advantage, or Mobile Share Value® plan? If so, it includes Rollover Data®. Keep in mind:
  • AT&T 4GBSM plan doesn't include Rollover Data.  
  • Rollover Data is unused Mobile Share Plus, Flex, or Advantage plan data from 1 month that rolls into the next. (Doesn’t include Mobile Share and Mobile Share Data-only plans.) For example:
    • Your plan includes 9GB of data. You only use 4GB of data that month. 
    • The unused 4GB from that month becomes Rollover Data and is added to your available data for use next month. 
    • This means that you’ll have 13GB of data to use during the next month. 
  • You can only roll over the amount of data included in your original plan.

How you use Rollover Data

  • You’ll tap into Rollover Data only after you use all your monthly plan data and any other data allowance in a bill period. For example:
    • Your plan includes 9GB of data. 
    • You also have 4GB of Rollover Data to use from the previous month, for a total of 13GB.
    • If you’ll use 12GB of data this month, you’ll have used 9GB of plan data and 3GB of Rollover Data. The remaining 1GB of Rollover Data will expire at the end of the bill period.
  • Your Rollover Data expires after 1 bill period or with a plan change, like changing your plan’s data amount.
  • You can’t:
    • Redeem unused Rollover Data for cash or credit
    • Transfer your Rollover Data to others on your account
    • Use Rollover Data for international data
Last updated: May 23, 2024

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