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Change or reset your sign-in password

Forget your password? Know your password but want something different? Learn how to reset or change your password.

Quick answer

How do I reset my password if I don’t know it? How do I reset my password if I don’t know it?

Can I change my password? Can I change my password?


Password requirements

Your password must be 8-24 characters. It can have:
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters: + (plus), = (equal), # (hashtag), ? (question mark), * (asterisk), $ (dollar sign), ! (exclamation point), _ (underscore), - (hyphen)
For a more secure password, avoid using personal details that are easy to guess. Also, stay away from common words or obvious series like 123456 or abcdef.

Password change info

If you change or reset your password, make sure:
  • You update your password wherever you have it saved. This includes your devices, web browsers, and any apps.
  • Use the same ID and password to sign in to both myAT&T and your email? Make sure you use the new password to sign in to your AT&T Mail account.
Still having trouble with your password? Call us at 800.288.2020.

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