Find AT&T Signature Program benefit amount

Discover the monthly savings you’re getting for AT&T Wireless service. Your organization’s agreement with us determines the benefit amount.

Learn how to find your benefit amount

  1. Go to your myAT&T billing center.
  2. Expand each line to find savings in your monthly lists of charges.

Important Signature Program info

AT&T Signature Program provides various wireless service-related benefits to qualified customers. The Signature discount:

  • May take up to two bill periods after your eligibility is confirmed, and it won't apply to prior charges
  • Is applied after application of any available credit and can’t be combined with other service discounts

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Current eligible plans

If you have:

  • AT&T Unlimited Premium® PL: You can save $10 per line, per month with the AT&T Signature Program1
  • AT&T 4GB: You may qualify for a percentage discount off, depending on your service agreement

Retired eligible plans

If you’re already an AT&T Signature Program member and currently have an eligible retired plan, you may keep the percentage discount off your plan, depending on your service agreement.

Ineligible plans

Ineligible plans for the percentage discount under your service agreement include AT&T DataConnect℠ 50GB, AT&T DataConnect℠ 100GB, AT&T Unlimited Plus℠, AT&T Unlimited Choice℠, AT&T Unlimited Choice® II, AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced ℠, AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced ℠, AT&T Unlimited Value, AT&T Unlimited & More℠, AT&T Unlimited & More℠ Premium, AT&T Unlimited 55+, AT&T Value Plus℠ Unlimited, AT&T Unlimited Starter®, AT&T Unlimited Extra®, AT&T Unlimited Elite®, AT&T Unlimited Premium®, AT&T Value Plus℠, AT&T Value Plus℠ VL, Unlimited Extra® EL, Unlimited Starter® SL, and Unlimited Premium® PL.

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Last updated: March 19, 2024

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