Enter the verification code for your account

We’ll send you a code when you set up your online account, or if you’re signing in from a new location.

We want to make sure it’s you setting up or signing in to your account. When you first create your myAT&T online account and any time you sign into your account from a new browser or device, we’ll send you a code. If you’re setting up your account, you can choose to get the code by text, email, phone, or mail. Text and email are the quickest methods.

Account setup

Once you get your code, enter the code when prompted and complete the steps.
Learn more about accounts and IDs

verification

We’ll send a one-time verification code to your AT&T wireless number. Once you’ve confirmed, we’ll remember you’ve signed in from this browser or device. We’ll make sure it’s you again whenever you clear your cookies, sign in from a new browser or device, sign in with a different ID, or reset your password.


Last updated: July 7, 2023

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