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Learn who can manage myAT&T accounts online

Primary and secondary online users can manage many things in a myAT&T account. The account owner decides who can manage what.


Account owner and online access

The account owner is the person who can identify themselves as the person financially responsible for an account. The account owner:
  • Is named when the account is set up.
  • Has their name listed on the bill.
  • Decides who can manage the account online. They pick the primary and secondary users. Then, they share account details, such as the account number or the contact email address on the account.

Online access levels

When you choose an account to manage online, you may have primary or secondary access in myAT&T. These access levels identify who can manage the account online in myAT&T. These don’t affect who is responsible for paying the account bill.

Primary online access

This can belong to only one person or user ID at a time. The person with primary access:
  • Is often the account owner, but that's not required
  • Controls who else can manage the account online
  • Must be 18 years or older

Secondary online access

This can belong to multiple people or user IDs. A person with secondary access:
  • Can co-manage the account online in myAT&T by doing most of the same things as the person with primary online access
  • Must be 18 years or older

Manage access to your account

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