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Replace a lost or stolen AT&T Promotional Card

If your AT&T Promotion Card hasn't expired, contact the Rebate Processing Center to cancel it and request a new one.

Has your AT&T Promotional Card been lost or stolen? Call the Rebate Processing Center at the phone number that applies to your card. They’ll cancel the card and mail you a new one with the remaining balance (if eligible).

What you need when you call
You must provide the Rebate Processing Center with specific details to get a replacement. They can be found on your copy of the form you submitted. Details include:
  • The name on your card
  • The address associated with your card
  • The wireless number associated with your card
  • The IMEI number of the device associated with your card
  • The purchase date of the qualifying device

Important info about requesting a replacement

When you requesting a replacement, our rep:
  • Must speak with the person whose name appears on the lost or stolen card
  • Can only reissue a replacement card to the person whose name appears on the lost or stolen card
  • Won’t replace an expired card

Find the phone number for your AT&T Promotional Card
Use the chart to find the correct phone number for your AT&T Promotional Card. The Rebate Processing Center is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Rebate Processing Center phone numbers
The first 4 digits on your AT&T Promotional CardCall
You don't know866.852.8617
4745 or 4870800.808.4584
4529 or 4743866.297.3611

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