Report an unauthorized AT&T account or account change

Learn how to contact the AT&T Global Fraud Management team to report fraud.

Reporting unauthorized AT&T accounts or services

Was your identity used to set up AT&T service or make account changes without your knowledge? Contact our Global Fraud Management team.


Go to the Wireless Fraud page, or call 877.844.5584 for help with filing a fraud claim.  Learn how to protect yourself from fraud and other unauthorized activities on your account

Internet or phone

Go to the Voice and Internet Fraud page or call 877.379.2319 for help with reporting fraud.

Finding unauthorized accounts or unauthorized account changes

You may find out about an unauthorized  AT&T account or unauthorized changes to an existing account from:

  • Your AT&T bill
  • A collection agency contacts you
  • Your credit report
Last updated: July 8, 2024

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