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Turn Stream Saver off or on

Use less data by streaming video at standard-definition quality. Learn how to manage Stream Saver for each eligible line.

What is Stream Saver?
Stream Saver® lets you stream high-definition (HD) video at standard-definition (SD) quality (similar to a DVD, about 480p) on each eligible line.1 This way, you don't use as much data when streaming video content on your device.

Manage Stream Saver

AT&T WirelessSM

  1. Go to Manage my data usage.
  2. Toggle Stream Saver Off or On (if available for your line).
  3. Select Save.
  4. Wait five minutes and restart the device you updated.
Find out how to manage wireless data use


  1. Sign in to myAT&T.
  2. Select Profile & Settings, then Feature Settings.
  3. Toggle Stream Saver Off or On to update the device.
  4. Wait five minutes and restart the device you updated.
Have a multi-line account? Everyone on your account can manage Stream Saver settings for their own device.

Learn ways to manage PREPAID data

Business accounts with Premier access

  1. Go to Premier.
  2. From the I want to menu, select View Account and Usage.
  3. From the Lookup Type menu, choose Wireless Number, enter the wireless line you want to update, and select Go
  4. In Usage settings you'll see Stream Saver if the line is eligible.
    • If you see Stream Saver if the line eligible. Select Change and follow the prompts. Wait five minutes and restart the updated device.
    • If you don't see Stream Saver, the line isn't eligible.
Learn more about Stream Saver

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