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User ID for NumberSync for wearables

To sync a wearable with your smartphone number, you need a user ID with your smartphone number assigned to it.


Good news! You may already have an ID

  • You may already have a user ID if you sign in to myAT&T and manage an account online. For NumberSync, you must use the ID shown at the top of your online profile.
  • If you’re not sure what your user ID is, go to the Forgot ID page and complete the prompts.
  • If you already have a user ID, learn how to assign your wireless number to your Access ID.
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Create your user ID

  1. Get started with NumberSync.
  2. Select Create one today.
  3. Create your user ID and password.
  4. Complete the Personal Information and Device Information fields.
  5. Enter your contact email address.
  6. Accept the User ID Terms and Conditions.
  7. Enter the verification code sent to your wireless number.
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Create a user ID for every smartphone number

Even if you don’t manage the AT&T account for your household, you’ll need a user ID associated with your smartphone number in order to sync your phone with your wearable. Example: If you have a family of five and each person has a NumberSync capable wearable, then each person will need a user ID associated with their smartphone number.
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