U-verse TV price changes for 2023

We're making several adjustments to pricing for U-verse TV packages starting November 5, 2023. You'll see the new pricing on your bill.

U-verse TV packages

TV networks are continuing to increase the fees they charge for U-verse TV® for the right to distribute the content they produce, including movies, shows, and sporting events. We remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing you the best programming at a fair and reasonable price. 

Heads up: If you change your package, you may no longer be eligible for certain discounts. 

U-verse TV packageMonthly price increase amount
U-family All In
U200 All In
U200 Latino
U200 Latino All In
U300 All In
U300 Latino
U300 Latino All In
U450 All In
U450 Latino
U450 Latino All In
HD Premium Tier$1

Broadcast TV Fee

Starting on November 5, 2023, your monthly Broadcast TV Fee will increase $1 per month.

We charge the Broadcast TV fee to provide access to local channel broadcast network programming like ABC, NBC, and CBS. It's not included in your base package price, so you'll see a separate line item on your bill. This fee isn't imposed or required by federal, state, or local governments.

Last updated: October 5, 2023

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