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How to make a DIRECTV bill payment

Learn how to pay your bill online at, over the phone, or by mail.

Pay DIRECTV bill online at
  1. Go to Billing & Payments.
  2. To make a one-time payment in the Amount area, enter how much you would like to pay.
  3. Then choose a payment type: Credit or Debit Card or Checking Account. If your payment info is stored from a previous transaction, you may continue or select a different payment method.
  4. Follow the prompts to process payment.

Pay by phone
  • Call 800.531.5000 and say “make a payment” when prompted to pay using our automated system.
  • When making a payment with an agent a one-time processing fee of $5 may apply.

Pay by SMS text message
  1. Text PAY to 21880 – or text BAL for your account balance.
  2. Reply 1 to confirm your account.
  3. If a credit/debit card is on file, you can proceed with the payment.
  4. If not on file, enter credit/debit card info when prompted.

Heads up: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Pay by USPS mail

Send a check or money order in the pre-addressed envelope included with your monthly statement. If you don’t have the pre-addressed envelope, mail your payment (including your 9-digit DIRECTV account number) to:

P.O. Box 5007
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5007

Pay bill in person

To pay your bill with cash or money order in person, visit any of the following authorized payment partners for more info:

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