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Say Goodbye to AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus

On December 8, 2021, we’re ending our AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus service. We’ll remove this subscription service from your AT&T account or monthly credit card charges.


Info about the change

Our AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus service is ending on December 8, 2021, and will no longer be available. You should get an email from us about the service ending because you’re subscribed to the service.

Other support options

AT&T Wireless  

If you have an AT&T Wireless account and need help with home electronics issues, sign up for our AT&T HomeTech Protection plan. It offers 24/7 repair, replacement, and expert support for virtually all your home electronics. Learn more about HomeTech Protection 

Small business 

If you’re a small business, we’ve got your tech needs covered with AT&T Tech360SM. You’ll get unlimited access to our 24/7 remote, IT-certified techs for your computers, tablets, smartphones, Internet of Things, and other connected devices. And the best part: Plans start at $15 a month. Ready to make the switch? Call us at  866.397.5260  or learn more about AT&T Tech360.

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