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Directory Assistance Exemption Program

Directory assistance is helpful for anyone with significant visual, cognitive, and physical disabilities. AT&T may waive the per-call charge to AT&T 411 Info if you have a qualifying disability that is certified.


Dial 411 for listings and more

You can get information on the go with AT&T 411. Dial 411 from your AT&T wireless phone to quickly and easily get local and national numbers and addresses. Receive a text message with the listing and connect at no additional fee. 411 Info can use your location to find a business near you.

You can make up to 4 requests on each call, and we'll connect you at no additional charge. The regular per-call charge for AT&T 411 Info is $1.99 per call, plus airtime, roaming, and applicable long distance. Additional surcharges may apply when off the AT&T wireless network.

The Directory Assistance Exemption Program waives the per-call charge to call AT&T 411. The Data Plan Exemption Program waives the data plan requirement for smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) and restricts all data capabilities on those devices.

AT&T postpaid wireless and AT&T PREPAID account qualifications
Want to find out if you qualify for our Directory Assistance Exemption Program or the Data Plan Exemption Program? Call the National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD).
  • Voice calls: 866.241.6568
  • TTY calls: 866.241.6567

Cricket Wireless® is excluded from these programs.

How to apply
For more information and to apply for the programs, download the 411 Directory Assistance and Data Plan Exemption Form (PDF, 111KB). If you want the forms mailed to you, call the NCCD at 866.241.6568 or TTY 866.241.6567.

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