Upgrade TV Packages with Account Manager on U-verse TV

Use our Account Manager on-screen tool on Ch. 9910 to see an overview of AT&T products, upgrade your U-verse TV package, and add movies from your TV screen.

Learn how to use Account Manager on-screen tool

With Account Manager, you can upgrade your TV package and add premium movie channels like HBO and other programming. Your AT&T account must be current and in good standing to use Account Manager.

To access your Account Manager, simply visit Ch. 9910 or use your U-verse TV remote control and follow these steps:
  1. Select Menu on your remote.
  2. Select Help
  3. Scroll to select Account > Account Manager TV Services. (If you'd like to browse to a different AT&T product like Internet or Phone services, you can do that from the Account Manager menu, too.)
  4. From the TV Services menu, select Upgrade Core Pkg.
  5. Select and upgrade your TV channels or compare packages.
  6. Confirm your order on screen.

In addition, with Account Manager, you can:
  • View your account summary and current package subscriptions.
  • Compare core TV packages (U450, U300, U200, U-family, and U-basic).
  • Add HD Technology fee and/or HD Premium Tier packages.
  • Add International Programming packages, movie packages, etc.
  • View channel lineups.
  • View Internet, Phone, and Equipment overviews and ordering information.

: Most change orders are processed immediately, but there may be a slight delay while your order is processed.

Manage Your Parental Controls

You can use U-verse TV Parental Controls to restrict purchases and programming or filter by rating.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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