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High-definition (HD) TV for U-verse

Learn about features, channels, and how to subscribe or upgrade to high-definition (HD) for U-verse TV.


HD features, channels, and more on U-verse TV

See how HDTV provides an in home theater-like experience
High-definition Television (HDTV) offers higher picture resolution, better sound and display quality. HDTV is the newest standard in television viewing. It is called high-definition because the amount of information used to paint the picture on your TV is higher with HD than with a standard-definition (SD) broadcast signal.

The amount of information used to display the picture is referred to as Definition, and it is generally measured by counting the number of lines of information your TV displays.
  • SDTV signal is comprised of 486 visible lines.
  • HDTV signal is comprised of up to 1080 visible lines.

Due to the way the eye perceives the amount of lines, an HD signal actually results in a picture up to six times sharper than the same image sent with a regular definition signal.

HDTV showcases programming and content captured in high-definition. With HD programming, you can create a theater-like experience in your home.

HDTV features
  • Extremely high-resolution picture (2.1 million pixels).
  • Digitally enhanced sound.
  • Broadcast in a true widescreen (16x9) format. The shape of the picture more closely resembles the shape of a movie screen.

You must have a 720p, 1080i, or 1080p capable HDTV to take advantage of this service.

It may take up to five seconds for an HD picture to first display. This occurs because there are many more pixels to be created, thus, more time is required.

HDTV channels
AT&T U-verse currently offers over 225 channels in HD and growing!

Check out the latest in HD programming and channels. These HD channels will also be listed, beginning in the 1000s, in the Guide on your U-verse TV.

To add HD programming to your U-verse account, visit the U-verse TV Account Manager on Ch. 9910.

Subscribe to HDTV programming
To subscribe or upgrade to HD for U-verse TV you need:
  • An HD television.
  • An HD receiver.
  • HDMI cable, HDMI-to-DVI conversion with audio cable, or Component Cables for each receiver that will be connected to an HDTV.
  • A monthly HD technology fee subscription. Visit the U-verse TV Account Manager on Ch. 9910 to easily add the HD package to your account.

Connect your U-verse receiver to HDTV

Learn about connecting your U-verse receiver to HDTV with HDMI or component output for HD connection.

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