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Battery Backup for Intelligent Network Interface Device (iNID)

Learn about iNID equipment and compatible battery backup.


iNID battery backup equipment

An Intelligent Network Interface Device, or iNID, is additional equipment sometimes required for a home to receive AT&T services. The iNID unit is located outside the home where the AT&T network terminates. Its power supply must be within 100 feet of the iNID and is often located in a garage, closet, or basement. The power supply connects to an external battery backup enclosure, which houses a replaceable battery.

Note: Please see your manufacturer’s manual when replacing the battery. Incorrect or substitute battery connection creates a risk for fire or explosion.


Battery backup

i38HG image


FiberSafe 12 internal battery

FiberSafe 12 internal battery

FiberSafe 12 internal battery

To replace, visit FiberSafe or call 888.234.5450.

Replacement model: EnerSys FiberSafe12
For additional technical specifications on battery backup, please refer to your manufacturer's user guide.

With new equipment manufactured regularly, older replacement battery equipment may not be available for purchase. Confirm compatibility of any new battery backup equipment with your retailer. When providing backup power to a household with more than one device (for example, both Wi-Fi gateway and iNID), you need a battery backup for each piece of equipment.

Note: Review the digital phone service terms of service or landline residential service agreement for battery backup information and terms and conditions regarding your services.

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