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Check current usage for data, talk, and text

Learn how to check your usage between bill periods.

Quick answer

How do I check my current AT&T wireless data usage online?

How do I check my current wireless data usage from my AT&T mobile device?





Track usage between bill periods

Get usage balances in myAT&T

  1. Go to Usage.
  2. Review your current balance info for talk, text, and data use. If you have linked accounts, select My wireless and See all my usage.

Dial Star Services for usage updates

Star Services are a quick and easy way to check your current usage from your device. Dial star services from your AT&T wireless phone just like you're making a call. We'll text the info to you.

To get data and text balances:
  • English: *3282# (*DATA#) 
  • Spanish: *3286# (*DATO#) 

Usage reporting delays

We update your usage reports as quickly as we can, but sometimes your usage info may be unavailable or delayed. It can take two to five days for data use to post in myAT&T, so amounts shown online may not reflect all use since your last bill.

Time stamps for current data or text usage may be off by up to 4 hours in myAT&T. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • We usually update recent data use every three hours.
  • You may not be able to see usage since your last bill online if you have a new account or changed your plan in the middle of a bill period.
  • Usage info may not be available while we’re processing your bill. Usage generated near the end of a bill period may not show up until the next bill period.
  • Additional delays of up to 60 days are possible if the usage takes place outside the U.S.
  • For wireless roaming use, which is based on call records from other carriers, delays are normally 2-10 days but could be more than 60 days. Some use may display online but be billed during a later bill period.
  • For talk use, you may see airtime for voicemails and other calls that aren't billed. If you use more minutes than are included in your plan, we'll deduct the minutes from your available Rollover Minutes. After that, we’ll apply a per-minute charge.

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