Using home alarms or medical devices with Phone

If you have a home alarm or use a monitored medical device, learn about compatibility with your digital phone service.

Phone and monitored services

Alarm installation and use
  • When Phone is installed, the technician will configure the wiring so that the Phone line is hard-wired directly to the alarm panel.
  • You should notify the alarm company of your switch to Phone before installation. Your alarm company should test and check the status of your alarm system once installation is complete. If there are any issues, address them directly with your alarm service provider.
  • When an alarm is triggered, your alarm system will take control of the telephone line, even when you’re on the phone, and notify the central monitoring station of the alarm. Don’t connect a multi-line phone directly to your Wi-Fi gateway, as it might interfere with alarm signals.
  • If your telephone number has changed, you will need to notify your alarm company to update your account. Failure to notify the alarm company of change of service or a new telephone number could impact your alarm or medical device monitoring contract. You are responsible for testing your home alarm system with your alarm company after installation of Phone is complete, and on an ongoing basis.

Medical monitors
Currently, Phone is compatible with many monitored medical device alert systems. We recommend that you notify your medical alert provider of your switch to Phone service and your scheduled installation date.

Note: AT&T has done extensive testing with many types and brands of monitored home alarms and monitored medical devices. We recommend that you contact your home alarm provider directly prior to your Phone installation to verify compatibility.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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