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Three-Way Calling for Phone

Add another caller to your conversation with Three-Way Calling for Phone.


Detailed instructions

Now, let's get started

Three-Way Calling allows you to connect three parties by adding another caller to an existing two party conversation. This feature is included in your service at no extra charge and is always available via your phone.

To add a third caller to your existing call:
  1. Press flash to place the first call on hold.
  2. When you hear the dial tone, dial the new number and press the # key.
  3. When that person answers, press flash to connect all three parties. If there is no answer, press flash to return to the first caller.
  4. Press flash to remove the third party, or hang up to disconnect both callers.

Parties can leave the conversation by hanging up their phone and you can continue with the other party. If you leave the call, the other two parties can still carry on their conversation. Also, you are able to remove the third party from the call by pressing the flash or hang up button at any time.

Note: Calling charges may be incurred based on both calls that you place (e.g., international call will incur standard international rates). In addition, both calls placed will count towards your calling plan minutes.

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