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AT&T Fiber installation

Getting started with AT&T Fiber takes a little time, but with blazing-fast Internet speeds and enhanced DVR functionality, we think you will appreciate the time it takes!


Getting started with AT&T Fiber


Professional Technician
AT&T FiberSM requires a technician to come to your home, even if you already have other AT&T services. Fiber services require full fiber networking, and the technician will upgrade all of your lines to be sure you have the most up-to-date fiber technology.

Installation time
AT&T Fiber takes from 4-6 hours to be fully installed. This includes replacing existing copper wiring with new fiber lines. This provides you with the best Internet experience.

When your Internet service with AT&T Fiber is installed, we will provide you with a new Wi-Fi gateway. Also, if you choose, we will provide you with a new DVR with a larger memory and the ability to record more HD shows at one time.
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Additional information

Internet speed with AT&T Fiber
AT&T Fiber delivers blazing-fast Internet. Many factors affect your speed experience including the number of devices you have connected, your Wi-Fi technology, site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors, device capabilities, and use of other AT&T services. 

U-verse TV with AT&T Fiber
AT&T Fiber brings clear HD TV to your home. Key features of your DVR, TV remote control, and interactive apps can enhance your TV experience.
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