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User permissions for managing your account

Learn more about who can access your AT&T Internet or U-verse TV account online and at an AT&T store.


Understand the different kinds of users

User permission chart

This table shows the user permissions for the main functions on your U-verse TV and/or AT&T Internet account.

User permission levels
TaskPrimary access (online)1Secondary access (online)1
Make account updatesAsk general account questionsXX
Enroll in AutoPayXX
Enroll in Paperless BillingXX
View Phone and Internet usage detailsXX
Control account accessResolve my AT&T registration issuesXX
Add or remove a person's secondary accessX 
Give your primary access to a secondary and change yourself to a secondary userX 
Make plan updatesChange your planXX
Add or remove TV channels/packagesXX
Perform billing tasksMake paymentsXX
Set up recurring paymentsXX
Schedule a paymentXX
See total account balanceXX
View payment historyXX
View and print reports on usage and trendsXX
Make profile updatesChange billing addressXX
Update contact phone numbersXX
Add email addressesXX
Opt in or out of certain automated messagingXX

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Last updated: October 26, 2018

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