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Bill changes to your DIRECTV account

Now, you’ll get your DIRECTV bill from AT&T. Find out what’s new on your bill, and how to view and pay it online at or with our app.




What to expect when you get your DIRECTV bill from AT&T

  • You'll have a new AT&T account number. You can find it in the upper-right corner of your paper bill.  We'll also email it to you.
  • Your monthly charges remain the same when your account moves to
  • Your DIRECTV bill will remain separate. If you add DIRECTV to an existing user ID, you’ll still get a separate bill for DIRECTV. Using a single ID doesn’t combine your bills or bundle your services.
  • Your paper bill will look different. Check out an AT&T bill to see where different charges and credits show up. View a PDF of an AT&T DIRECTV bill (357KB) and note these locations:
    • Total due and due date
    • Account summary
    • AutoPay date, if it applies, appears under Total due 
    • Monthly Charges
    • Other Charges and Credits
  • Your AutoPay payment date may change - If you already use AutoPay for DIRECTV, it will carry over to your new AT&T account. To find your AutoPay payment date, look on the first page of your new bill under Total due.

Example of Total due
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Viewing your AT&T bill for DIRECTV


After your DIRECTV account moves to, you can sign in to view your bill online at myAT&T or in the myAT&T app.1 Learn how to view your bill

Paperless billing

Already use paperless billing? This will continue with your new AT&T bill. We’ll send you an email notification when your bill is ready to view and pay online. FYI: We don’t email you the actual bill details. Learn how to sign up for paperless billing or change your settings

Bill language

Learn how to get your bill in English or Spanish.
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Paying your AT&T bill for DIRECTV

Ready to pay your bill? You can choose from several convenient options, including AutoPay.
You can pay:
If you currently use a bill payment service or pay from your bank's website, remember to update it with your new account number, and change the payee and address to AT&T.

Currently paying by text message? You’ll have to choose a new payment method after we upgrade your DIRECTV account experience to Explore ways to pay.

Note: Go to to learn more about the move to your new DIRECTV account experience on

See all important details
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