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About cookies

Cookies are small data files used by websites. These files help recognize your device and browser when you return to that site. We use cookies to help enhance your experience on We have two types of cookies.

Functional cookies

This type of cookie is required for our website to work and can’t be turned off. They are used for:

  • Site functionality
  • User preferences
  • Site performance
  • Analytics to maintain the site

Optional cookies

This type of cookie is used to help build a profile of your interests and show you relevant advertisements. They may identify your browser and device. You can opt to turn these off, but that doesn’t prevent ads from showing. It just means the ads you see will be less tailored to you.

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Cookie choices

Want to review your cookie choices now? Manage your cookies

You can choose to Accept all cookies, Decline optional cookies, or manage your cookies. Once you choose an option, we’ll store it for a year on the browser and device you’re using.

If you ever want to change your selection, you can do it by clearing the cookies on your browser.

Last updated: July 27, 2023

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