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AT&T Ready2Go app

The AT&T Ready 2Go app helps to set up your new Android device in a few easy steps.


Learn all about AT&T Ready2Go app


Use the app1 to help you:
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Set up email and Visual Voicemail accounts.
  • Transfer important content from your old device such as photos, contacts, videos, and more.

To get started
The app will launch when you turn on your device. Just follow the instructions as it helps get your device set up.
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Additional information

Ready2Go Web service – no longer available
Some devices come with the AT&T Ready2Go Web service instead of the app. This service is no longer available and if you see the Web Service screen, select Cancel.

AT&T Setup & Transfer
Depending on the release date of your phone, the app you see may be called AT&T Setup & Transfer. Features may vary slightly.

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