Submit a wireless mail-in rebate

If you’ve met the requirements for your specific wireless offer, learn how to submit the rebate form to receive your eligible AT&T Promotional Card.

Get a rebate form

For online orders, if your email address has been on file for at least 30 days, we’ll email you the rebate form when the order ships.

Otherwise, we’ll mail the rebate form will be mailed to the billing address on file within 7-10 days after the order ships. We include rebate forms with your customer service summary.

Confirm you meet the rebate requirements
Read your rebate form carefully to make sure you meet the requirements for your specific offer. Ensure your date of purchase is within the purchase dates shown on the rebate form.

Submit your mail-in rebate

Here’s how to get your eligible AT&T Promotional Card:
  • Complete your rebate form. Fill in all required fields, including the 10-digit AT&T wireless number and IMEI number for the eligible device. Make sure you print clearly.
  • Make a copy of the eligible sales receipt or order confirmation. The purchase date, eligible device, and price paid must be clearly visible.
  • Cut out the entire IMEI or proof-of-purchase label from the original device box. See your rebate form for details.
  • Mail the rebate form to the address shown on the form. Once the 14-day return period has ended, we’ll send a free text to the wireless number on the form, confirming we received your rebate request.
If your rebate request meets the terms and conditions of the offer, we’ll send a free text message when your AT&T Promotional Card is mailed. You’ll receive your card within 8-10 weeks.

Additional information

Alternative proof-of-purchase
If you lose your original sales receipt, you may be able to submit one of these as proof-of-purchase:
  • A copy of your credit card receipt for the device.
  • A duplicate receipt from the store where you bought the device.
  • The packing or confirmation slip included with your shipment.
If you don’t have the original box, you may be able to submit a picture of the IMEI number. You can find this number under the device battery. The IMEI number must be clearly visible in the picture.

Using your AT&T Promotional Card
The AT&T Promotional Card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. It isn’t redeemable for cash, and you can’t use it for a cash withdrawal at an ATM. If you use your card to buy gas at automated pumps, take the card to the attendant first. Don't pay at the pump. AT&T Promotional Cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. Funds are available at U.S. locations for 150 days after the card is issued, through the AT&T Promotional Card expiration date shown on the card. AT&T Promotional Cards can't be reissued or reactivated after expiration.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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