Learn how we're improving our network

Keeping you connected is one of our top goals. We constantly monitor and improve our network to bring you the best wireless experience.

Our commitment to you

We consistently make changes so you get the best possible wireless service. These changes enhance coverage, increase data speeds, reduce dropped calls, and improve service quality.

Here are just a few things we're doing:
  • Increasing the number of new cell sites
  • Adding bigger pipes
Check network coverage in your area
  1. Go to the AT&T network coverage map.
  2. Enter an address, state, or ZIP Code, and select Search.

What to do if you experience service issues

  • Make sure there isn't bad weather in the area.
  • Move any leaves or branches blocking your equipment, if applicable.
  • Change your location if you're in or around large buildings or construction sites.
  • Avoid high-usage periods.
  • Take your phone out of your pocket or purse if the signal gets weaker.
  • Stay connected using Wi-Fi Calling.
Tip: Find out how you can maximize your home Wi-Fi network.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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