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Get help with your device

Figuring out your smartphone or tablet? Choose from our help tools.

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How do I get help with my device? How do I get help with my device?

How do I troubleshoot device issues? How do I troubleshoot device issues?


Support for older devices

Have an older device that isn’t covered in our online support tools? Check out the user guides for older devices.

Support for other devices

Can’t find support for your device? Contact the manufacturer for help. Your device might not be listed because: 
  • You bought it from someone other than AT&T. 
  • It’s not one of our branded devices. 
  • Another carrier unlocked it.
  • It's more than 4 years old.

Support for smartphones you brought to AT&T

Bring your own device (BYOD) smartphones are ones you purchased from someone else. BYOD phones are sometimes called non-stock or unlocked devices. Some BYOD phones can use our network services, like Wi-Fi Calling or AT&T Call ProtectSM.

Have service issues or questions? Contact your device manufacturer.


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Have questions about your Wireless service? Explore our community forums for answers.