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Learn about your voicemail options. Smartphone plans include Visual Voicemail and basic phones can get Basic or Enhanced Voicemail.

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The type of voicemail option available to you depends on which phone and service you have. For example, wireless and AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone®) data plans for compatible smartphones include Visual Voicemail at no additional charge. Basic Voicemail comes with your plan if you have a wireless or AT&T PREPAID phone without a data plan or Wireless Home Phone.

Want to upgrade from Basic Voicemail? Add Enhanced Voicemail for $1.99 per month to get more voicemail message capacity and storage time. Learn how to add options to your plan.

Heads up: Enhanced Voicemail isn’t available for AT&T PREPAID accounts.

Voicemail details
Voicemail optionVisual VoicemailBasic VoicemailEnhanced Voicemail (not available for AT&T PREPAID)
Devices supportedCompatible smartphones.All wireless or PREPAID phones without a data plan and Wireless Home PhoneAll wireless phones without a data plan and Wireless Home Phone
Plan requirementsVoice and data plan with Visual Voicemail.Voice planVoice plan with Basic Voicemail - add Enhanced Voicemail for $1.99 per month
Maximum message storage402040
Message storage time30 days14 days30 days
Maximum message length4 minutes2 minutes4 minutes
Group distribution listsN/A15 groups with up to 25 members15 groups with up to 25 members
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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