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Change your AT&T Wireless plan

Get info about your current plan and see how it compares to our other wireless plans. Like what you see? Find out how to switch.

Looking for info on our latest plans?
  • AT&T Unlimited Your WaySM lets everyone on your account choose their own unlimited plan
  • AT&T 4GBSM offers one plan for everyone on your account with each line getting their own 4GB of data each month
Compare or change plans
Sign in to myAT&T online or use the app to compare your plan to others we offer. See something you like?
  1. Go to Change my plan to see your current plan and our other plans.
  2. Scroll through our other plans. Select Compare plans to get a side-by-side view.
  3. Compare plans and decide which one you want.
    • Choose Select & review and follow the prompts to switch plans.
    • Want to keep the plan you have? You don’t have to do a thing.
Don’t have the myAT&T app? Get it now

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