Use call forwarding

Learn how to turn on call forwarding to send incoming wireless calls to another phone number. Then, turn off call forwarding to stop forwarding calls.

Manage Call forwarding

For your security, you can only change your call forwarding settings from your wireless phone. You can’t manage call forwarding online.

For help with call forwarding:

Call forwarding details

When using call forwarding:

  • You can continue to make outgoing calls from your wireless phone.
  • The designated number receives forwarded Incoming calls.
  • Call forwarding overrides your wireless voicemail.
  • If the designated forwarding number is busy, callers to your number will receive a busy signal.
  • You can’t forward calls to an international number.

Call forwarding billing

When using call forwarding:

  • Forwarded calls are billed for the length of the call.
  • Calls may incur long distance and/or roaming charges.
  • Long-distance charges apply when you forward calls to a number outside your designated home calling area.
  • With some AT&T wireless plans, call forwarding minutes aren’t counted against the minutes included in the plan.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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