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Get help with dropped calls or wireless network issues

Having trouble with calls or connecting to the network? Learn how to check coverage at your location, get device help, or report network issues.


Use the AT&T Network Coverage Map

It's a snap to check our network coverage in your location:
  1. Go to the AT&T Network Coverage Map.
  2. Enter an address, state, or ZIP Code and select search. We'll show you what type of coverage is available.
In an area with limited or no coverage? Try these options:
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Troubleshoot device issues

Sometimes, your wireless device or its settings can cause connectivity issues. To troubleshoot your device:
  1. Go to our Troubleshoot & Resolve tool. Make sure you have your device handy
  2. Select your phone brand and model.
  3. Go to the Service/network issue section and choose the option you're having trouble with (for example: Internet or Phone calls).
  4. Follow the prompts to get step-by-step help.
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Report network issues

Use the AT&T Mark the Spot app to give us feedback about your network issues. We realize you can't report network issues from the app without wireless service. But, you can use Wi-Fi® or mark the place on the map and report the issue when you have service again.

Don't have AT&T Mark the Spot yet? It's free to download for:

Once you have downloaded it, learn more about how to use the app.
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