NumberSync for wearables - Overview

Learn about device and network requirements for NumberSync for wearables.

NumberSync for wearables requirements

Device and plan requirements
NumberSyncSM for wearables1 requires an active postpaid wireless account that’s been set up for AT&T HD Voice and the following devices:

Upgrade to an HD Voice-capable device

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NumberSync for wearables network requirements 

Voice and data roaming rates apply when using a smartwatch with NumberSync. Rates are based on existing smartwatch rate plan and international travel package.

Roaming domestically or internationally
If you make a call from your synced smartwatch, your smartwatch number will display on the recipient’s device. You'll be able to receive calls made to your smartphone’s number from your smartwatch.

If the smartphone is in Airplane Mode, the smartwatch will use the smartphone’s number when you make or receive calls, send, and receive messages, and receive notifications.


Blocking NumberSync for wearables
The billing account owner and authorized users on the account can block access to NumberSync for wearables. If a block is in place, the user of the smartphone number trying to sync with a wearable smartwatch will receive a message indicating the number has been blocked.

A block may be added to another smartphone line on the account through myAT&T in the add feature flow or by contacting Customer Care.

NumberSync for wearables calling hierarchy
The smartwatch will default to Bluetooth upon setup. When the smartphone and smartwatch are in close-proximity, it will use Bluetooth. If you want to use NumberSync, not Bluetooth, you will need to disable Bluetooth on your device. Visit Device Support to view the tutorial on how to manually turn off Bluetooth.

Note: If you manually turn off Bluetooth, connections to other devices using Bluetooth may be affected.

NumberSync for wearables calling rates and usage
  • Smartphone calls - Incoming and outgoing calling rates apply under your smartphone’s voice plan.
  • Smartwatch calls - Incoming and outgoing calling rates apply under your smartwatch voice plan whether it’s synced or not, international rates apply to international numbers.

NumberSync for wearables texting rates and usage
  • Smartphone - Incoming and outgoing text messages rates apply. Messages billed under your smartphone’s messaging plan.
  • Smartwatch is not synced - Incoming and outgoing text messages apply. Messages billed under your smartwatch messaging plan.
  • Smartwatch is synced - Data usage rates under your smartwatch data plan applies to incoming and outgoing text messages on your smartwatch. Messages billed under your smartwatch data plan.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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