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Get info about data-only plans

Find out which data-only plan is right for you, like AT&T DataConnect with 5G access. Enjoy your plan using a laptop, tablet, and other devices.


AT&T Wireless data-only plans

Want a data-only plan for a wireless device? Choose one of these plans:
  • AT&T DataConnect1: A monthly plan with 15GB or 35GB of data for select devices and mobile hotspots. Shop now for one of these devices.
    • You’ll enjoy access to our fast, reliable, and secure nationwide 5G2 network at no additional charge.
    • Traveling outside of the U.S.? You can add an international data plan.
  • AT&T Wireless Internet3: If you have an AT&T Wireless Internet device, you can purchase an AT&T Wireless Internet plan. Get 50GB or 100GB of data per month, plus nationwide calling. You can also choose a talk-only plan.

AT&T Wireless monthly data plans at a glance
Data planEligible devicesMonthly data amountInternational data package option  
Mobile hotspot
USB modem
LTE camera4
15GB: $60

35GB: $85

Overage: $10 per 2GB

Discount: Get $10 off when you sign up for AutoPay and paperless bill
Add AT&T Passport Data
for laptops and tablets5

2GB: $70 for 30 days
6GB: $140 for 30 days

Overage: $30 per GB
AT&T Wireless Internet3
AWI deviceTalk-only plan: $20 per month

50GB of data plus talk (unlimited nationwide calling): $60 per month

100GB of data plus talk (unlimited nationwide calling): $100 per month

Overage: $25 for 10GB on the 50GB and 100GB plans
AT&T Wireless Internet can’t be used internationally.

AT&T PREPAID data-only plans

If you’re looking for a prepaid data-only plan, you can choose from:
Good to know: Some plans include an international data option, if you want to use your device when traveling outside the U.S.

AT&T PREPAID data plans at a glance
Data planEligible devicesMonthly data amountInternational data package option
AT&T PREPAID data plansTablet
Mobile hotspot
3GB: $25 for 30 days (add 1GB for $10)

10GB: $50 for 30 days (add 1.5GB for $10)

18GB: $75 for 30 days (add 2GB for $10)
Tablets can't be used internationally.

Mobile hotspots can be used in Mexico and Canada. (AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.)
DataConnect Pass6
Gaming device
2GB: $30 for 90 days

25GB: $40 for 30 days
Add DataConnect Pass Global7:

1GB: $60 for 30 days
3GB: $120 for 30 days
DataConnect Pass Auto Renew6
Gaming device
1GB: $19.99 for 30 days

7GB: $55 for 30 days

25GB: $34.99 for 30 days
Add DataConnect Pass Global7:

1GB:  $60 for 30 days
3GB: $120 for 30 days
DataConnect Pass6 (option to auto-renew)Computers100MB: $15 for 24 hours

300MB: $30 for 7 days

1GB: $50 for 30 days
Add DataConnect Pass Global7:

1GB: $60 for 30 days
3GB: $120 for 30 days

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Last updated: September 2, 2020

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