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Reset your wireless account passcode

You can change your wireless account passcode or reset it if you forget it. Your passcode isn’t the same as your sign-in or voicemail passwords


Know your passcode and want to change it?

  1. Go to Profile. Have more than 1 account? Choose your wireless account from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Sign-in info.
  3. Choose Get a new passcode in the Wireless passcode section.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish up.
Requirements for passcode changes

When choosing a new passcode, make sure it’s a 4- to 8-digit number. Plus, make sure it doesn’t include sequential numbers, like 1234 or 4321.
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Want to reset your passcode so you can sign in?

  1. Go to myAT&T and enter your ID and password.
  2. Select Get a new passcode on the Confirm passcode page.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Sign in without your wireless account passcode

When you sign in, enter you wireless account passcode. Then, check Turn off extra security. This removes the extra security from your wireless account, so you don’t have to enter the passcode next time. Learn more about extra security

Have accounts other than wireless linked to your ID? You can sign in without the wireless account passcode. Just check Skip passcode and don’t manage this account today to sign in and manage your non-wireless accounts.
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Wireless account passcode vs. sign-in password

Heads up: Did you combine your wireless service with your AT&T Internet, U-verse TV, or DIRECTV service? Then your account has a different kind of passcode you won’t use online. Learn more about the passcode for a combined account

Here’s how your wireless account passcode is different from the password you use to sign in.

Wireless account security passcode
password
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