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Manage extra security for your wireless account

Learn how to add or remove extra security for your wireless account. Adding extra security means you may have to provide your passcode more often.


Add or remove extra security

  1. Go to Profile and then Sign-in info.
  2. Choose a wireless account from the dropdown, if more than one account is linked to your ID.
  3. Select Manage extra security in the Wireless passcode section.
  4. Check or uncheck Extra security and re-enter your passcode if prompted.

Remove extra security during sign-in

If you don’t want to be prompted for your security passcode on future sign-ins:
  1. At sign-in, enter your security passcode.
  2. Check Turn off extra security to remove the extra security from your wireless account.

Heads up: Have other accounts linked to your user ID? If so, you can sign in without the wireless security passcode. Just check Skip passcode and don’t manage this account today to sign in and manage the other accounts. You can still access your wireless account on future sign-ins.

Benefits of extra security

You or someone you authorize may need to provide your passcode in these situations:

Without extra securityWith extra security
Only when you:

  • Call us 
  • Change your passcode
  • Manage your account in some retail stores
Also when you:

  • Sign in to manage your wireless account online
  • Gain secondary online access to the wireless account
  • Manage your account in any retail store

Good to know:

  • You can add extra security for wireless accounts that have never been combined with your DIRECTV®, AT&T Internet, or U-verse® TV account.

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