Reactivate AT&T PREPAID service

Learn how to restore AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone) service for a suspended phone, device, or account.

Choose why a device or an account was suspended

Lost device or voluntary suspend
You need to be signed in to complete these steps using your 10-digit wireless number and password. Your initial password is the last four digits of your wireless number.
  1. Go to My Device > Report a Lost or Stolen Device.
  2. Select Report Device Found.

Stolen phone or device
  • If the suspended AT&T PREPAIDSM device is also blocked, the person whose name is on the bill needs to contact us to remove the block.
  • If you’re outside of the AT&T network, it may take up to 24 hours for the device to be unblocked.

Contact us to reactivate service upon your return to the U.S. When reactivating service, you need to choose from currently available plans and add-ons.

Hospitalization or incarceration
Contact us to reactivate service when you’re released.
Last updated: February 23, 2023

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