Program data settings for your device

Can’t connect to the internet on your mobile device? Here’s how to set up the access point name (APN) to get you going again.


Apple device data settings

Can't connect your Apple® device to our data network? Check Apple Support for help updating your settings.


Android device data settings

To program your AndroidTM device with the correct settings:

  1. Tap your Settings menu.
  2. Choose either Wireless & Networks, More Networks, or Connections.
  3. Tap Mobile Networks, then Access Point Names.
  4. Find and select the option to add a new APN. You may find a plus (+) symbol on the screen, or tap the menu button.
  5. Program each field using the settings found in the table.
  6. Save your changes to return to the APN's menu and choose the new APN.

Still need help? Refer to your user manual or contact the manufacturer for help.

Data settings  Smartphones TabletsSmartwatches 
Name NXTGENPHONEATT Broadband Pending
APN NXTGENPHONE Broadband  Pending
Proxy Not set Not set  Not set 
Port Not set  Not set  Not set  
Username  Not set  Not set  Not set  
Password Not set  Not set  Not set  
Server Not set  Not set  Not set  
MMSC set  Not set 
MMS proxy Not set  Not set  
MMS port 80 Not setNot set  
MCC  310 310  Not set 
MNC 410  410 Not set 
Authentication type  None  None  None 
APN type default,mms,supl,hipri  default,mms,supl,hipri,fotaNot set
APN protocol  IPv4  Enabled Not set


Data settings  Smartphones (5G-Capable)Smartphones (5G Standalone-Capable)
Proxy Not set Not set  
Port Not set  Not set  
Username  Not set  Not set  
Password Not set  Not set  
Server Not set  Not set  
MMSC set  
MMS proxy Not set  
MMS port 80 Not set
MCC  310 310  
MNC 410  410 
Authentication type  None  None  
APN type default,mms,supl,hipri  default,mms,supl,hipri,fota
APN protocol  IPv4  Enabled 

Windows® phones

Good news! You don’t have to manually program the correct data settings. Check Windows Phone Support for steps to program your device.

Cellular data or internet access Multi-media message service (MMS)
Username Not set UsernameNot set  
Password Not set  Password  Not set  
Proxy Server  Not set  WAP Gateway  
Proxy Port  Not set  WAP Gateway Port  80  
APN type  IPv4v6MMSC  
    Maximum message size 600k 
IP type IPv4v6 
Last updated: September 7, 2023

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